My Personal Inaugural

I cannot be Googled.

It is a sad fact that according to the new world order I do not exist. A women with my name has done quite well for herself in the world. But I cannot take credit for her achievements (and since I can’t remember why she is so Google-worthy I am not sure that I would want to.).

I know people that are easy to find…one is a high faluttin’ bug studier (entomologist), another few are professors at some very impressive institutes of higher learning, plus a published author and a playwright. But for the most part my circle and I roll to Tasty Dog or the playground. 

So, do I really exist? If a tree falls in the woods…

This blog is my attempt to fully participate in the new electronic world.  It will undoubtedly be rife with spelling and grammatical errors.  But it will also be full of pop-culture, complaints about my children and DH, useless knowledge, and opinions that will most often be blushingly politically incorrect.

But at least now I might be Google-worthy…

1 thought on “My Personal Inaugural

  1. I LOVE your blog. Though there are not many entries (yet), I read through all the ones that are there and found myself nodding along as I read. The stories about your boys could be my stories (with one less brother though). Your writing about the family is hilarious and touching at the same time. And your political observations are spot-on.

    Looking forward to reading more.

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