Remote Access

I felt so violated!

I am sure Shivaprasad was a lovely man, working a shift at his phone bank in Bangalore.  He was probably sipping a tea while he flipped through his protocol binder dealing with an American who didn’t have enough sense to get her internet security back up and running.  

In his frustration (and I am sure to end mine), he suggested remotely taking control of my computer and just fixing the problem himself.

What?  Are you kidding me?  For all I know you are some guy in your mom’s basement!

But the thought of leaving my Microsoft system open to attack was even more terrifying.  So I clicked the yes button (which in my head said “sure, have access to my computer, steal my passwords, copy my files and laugh hysterically at them with your friends later).

Then, like something out of a Harry Potter movie, my pointer started to open things, and close things.  Commands and preferences were appearing with my hands on my lap.  It was by far one of the creepiest things I have ever encountered.

Then he politely suggested that I restart my computer, and like a ghost, he was gone.

This whole experience taught me that I am now almost as cynical as my DH.  He is a man with Armageddon supplies in the basement, and a book on how to live through any disaster.  He is always assuming that someone is out to f&@* him over.  I had always taken a silent pride in assuming people were usually trying their best, even if that best would be better suited for salting fries.  But the other night, I was filled with paranoid panic at someone having access to my computer.

Did he steal my passwords?  I don’t know.  Did he leave the portal open?  I suppose it’s possible.  But I WANT to believe that he just did his job and moved on to the next crazy American.  

So I shall do just that.

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