Are you f&#^%ing kidding me???????

Wait…hold on…I think I am going to be sick!

Yep.  I got sick!  

How on Earth can anyone say that legalizing same sex marriage in any way effects the way that they live their lives?  

Certainly there are many things that the government allows that religions frown on… sex before marriage, living together, birth control, and on and on and on.  The Government is not here to protect your religious views.  It is here to protect our rights.

You are worried that your children will learn about same sex marriages in school?  That’s your own damn fault.  Pushing abstinence before marriage programs put marriage in the classrooms.  If secular education bothers you so much get your kids the f#$% out of public school and pony up to have them educated through the religious system.

Same sex advocates are trying to take your rights away?  What?  Your right to be a bigot and an asshole?  Unfortunely, your right to that is enshrined in the Constitution.  No one can take it away.  

And HOW exactly is your church group being punished by the government?  Please explain that one to me!  

Maybe that Doctor should look into working around here at one of the Catholic hospital systems.  The same system that makes it virtually impossible for women to receive IUDs.  Since the Catholic Church frowns on IUDs even the Doctors who work on the campus are not allowed to do them.  I am sure she wouldn’t have to choose between her religion and her job then.  

Coming together in love?  LOVE?  How dare you talk about love!  When people, in the name of religion, come together to advocate systemic discrimination against a group who just want secular rights, there is no love in that.  Love is inclusive.  Love is forgiving.  Love is unconditional.  Call your movement what it is:  judgemental and intolerant.  

You don’t believe in same sex marriages?  Then don’t.  This country was founded without a religion at the helm for this exact reason.  I doubt that these groups would be so excited about the blurring between church and state if the Islamist extremists demanded headscarves. If we are going to make public policy decisions based on religion, shouldn’t we look to all religions?  NOM should also be pushing for vegetarianism on behalf of Buddist who are outraged.  And what about keeping the Sabbath on Saturday for everyone.   After all, Jewish people live in America, shouldn’t we base our entire secular system on their moral beliefs?  But then you can’t forget Islam.  Perhaps we should all be forced to fast for Ramadan.  

There is no excuse to let ANYONE impose their religion on anyone else.  You have every right to believe anything you want.  You DO NOT have the right to make me believe it too. 

And if you want to know what the people who came to this country believed about marriage:

The English Puritans in the 17th century passed an Act of Parliament asserting “marriage to be no sacrament” and soon thereafter made marriage purely secular.

These are the same Puritans that came over on the Mayflower…the people who founded our country.

You don’t agree?  You would quote the Bible and tell me how God frowns on same sex anything?  That’s lovely.  The problem is that I DON’T BELIEVE IN THAT GOD.  You can list your religion’s reasons for days.  It doesn’t matter.  Your God’s statements against same sex relationships mean nothing to me, and can mean nothing to my government.  Just in case you wouldn’t mind me quoting a pretty important document to you:

 Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof

Your religion hijacking the civil pronouncement of marriage prohibits the free exercise thereof.  My religion allows it.  My religion embraces it.  

So keep your religion out of my laws.  

Keep it off of my friends.

And I look forward to turning off your advertisement.

2 thoughts on “Are you f&#^%ing kidding me???????

  1. WOW. Sarah, I am honored to have you on our side. I totally agree with everything you said. And it is written so eloquetly!

    My #1 point is I don’t expect everyone to agree with/accept/want equal marriage. But no one has the right to be denied it.

    Thank you for this wonderfully written POV.

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