The Dreaded “Man Look”

Okay, I finally can’t take it anymore. I can no longer be “where is my…” person in my house.

I live with men.  Only men.  Not a single estrogen producing body resides with me.  So, I am the go-to person when anything is missing.  It is a living hell.

I am constantly the victim of the “man look”.  You ladies know what I am talking about.  

A man walks into a room looking for his, oh let’s say, wallet.  He stands at the entrance to the room, surveys the surroundings.  He touches nothing.  He moves nothing.  He opens nothing.  When said wallet does not glow like a neon sign to capture his attention, he storms out of the room and insists that someone help him find it.  It is nowhere.  Where could the kids have put it?

So I, being a generally helpful person, will interrupt what I am doing, and trudge upstairs expecting to have to tear the place apart.  Instead what I find is the wallet, sitting on the dresser.  It is slightly obscured by the alarm clock, but anyone really looking at the dresser could have found it in a nanosecond.  But all he did was a “man look”. 

They learn it young.  All three of my boys are afflicted by it.  For them I think it is a combination of youthful forgetfulness and just knowing that I already know where the gloves/ipod/backpack/shoes/toys are.  But I fear that I am setting them up to torture the women in their lives for ever and ever.

The blue polo that must have been put away wrong is the 2nd one down in the dresser drawer.  The Lego car that they can’t find ANYWHERE is sitting on top of the toy chest.  I have started to actually ask them “Did you really look, or just man look?”  They still appear to be oblivious.

So I have decided to go on strike.  If the men in this house want something they are going to have to find it themselves.  If I can find it in less time than it takes my Suburban to go from 0 to 60…I will just turn my back and walk away.  I will let them know what room it is in, but that will be it.  I will no longer fall into the  “I don’t feel like looking for it, so I’ll just ask her to do it she will find it right away” trap.

Join with me.  Stand with me and say “No longer will I pick up the slack for your laziness!”  If WE need to find something no one helps us.  We need to force the “man look” out of our lives.  Forward this to your friends.  Post it on your Facebook page.  We can wipe this from the face of the Earth in just one generation if we set our minds to it.  We are facilitators no more!!

Give a man a fish and he eats for one day.  Teach a man to fish and he can find his own damn wallet.

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