The Joys of a Simple Game

Having a, well, trying week.  I have been in better moods, and I am having a hard time pushing myself out of this bad one.  

One of the bright spots in my week is always watching my boys play in their t-ball games.  The only thing that can take the shine off it is when the opposing team is run by the “nazi” coaches.  I have mentioned them before, the ones that try to channel Lou Pinella and turn their kindergardeners into the Yankees.  The ones that never let the little kids play, that yell constantly at the kids, and basically suck all the fun out of the experience for everyone involved.  They make me want to tear my hair out, after, of course, pulling out large chunks of theirs (can you see that mood creeping in…I apologize).

So it was with a smile that I read an email from our Coach.  I capitalize that because I respect him so much:  his attitude, his demeanor, and his focus.  I have copied part of it here for your enjoyment:

Last thing- I was asked after the game, “The other team rolls the ball to the pitcher, can they do that? Why don’t we?” First, I imagine that we would probably save some runs by getting the ball under the pitcher’s control faster, but most likely we’ll give up those runs anyway. That being said, as  an instructional league I set out this year with 2 things in mind. A) get the players to enjoy themselves enough to sign up again next year, and B) hopefully teach them the very basics of running, hitting, catching, throwing, winning, losing, teammates, and sportsmanship. Our team has had a little of it all. We win, we lose. We run between bases and after balls hit over our heads. We hit, sometimes beautiful line drives that get caught and other times little bloops that still get the runners on first. And we throw and catch. Anyone else notice how much the throwing has improved (primarily with the constant after dinner sessions in the front yard)? What we don’t do is roll. It can be a little frustrating to see the ball go right past the pitcher again and again (just like my golf game; sand trap to sand trap). The payoff is next year. If we manage to keep our team together, we’ll have a few new littles, a bunch of middles & bigs. We’ll see balls thrown quickly and on target (which we are already seeing a little of), our defense will be tighter (we’re already doing a much better job of keeping the ball in front), and our catching will be more reliable. We’ll start to compete in games because of the team’s efforts rather than the opposing team’s mistakes.  (my bold, not his)

Anyone else having this much fun watching this? We get to sit back and watch some little people run, hit, throw, and sometimes catch. Cheer the good, grin at the bad, and laugh a whole lot no matter what

It is nice to see that he gets it.  I hope he continues to coach.  

My thanks to Coach Joe, for remembering the joy of a simple game, and trying to pass that on to my boys.



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