A Little Misunderstanding

My middle son starts shouting at me while I am in the shower. This happens often because at that exact moment when the shampoo hits my head, they decide that they absolutely, positively cannot go on without a snack. So begins the daily shouting match about what they can and cannot have and no you may NOT make scrambled eggs!

Today my middle son shouts:

Can I have a pancake?

We have pancakes?

Yeah, I found a box.

Alright. You can have a pancake. (they must have been really buried in the freezer)

(beautiful, silent pause)


What, honey?

There’s a problem.

What’s wrong?

I got the box out.


Well, I got out the box of pancakes, but all that’s in it is powder!

Yes, my sweet baby found the box of bisquick, and assumed that there were pancakes in the box.  So now, I am going to make him some pancakes.

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