My All Stars


The Mighty Quinns

The Mighty Quinns

My boys did the Nationals proud today.  Both of them competed in All Star games for the t-ball league.  

My oldest was in the A game.  This includes a t-shirt, play by play announcer, having his name announced over the PA when he came up to bat, and generally getting to feel like a big leaguer for the day.  He had some good hits and got to play pitcher, right field, and catcher.  Although his side lost, he was so happy and proud I thought he would burst.

My second played in the C game.  After some confusion about whether or not he was supposed to be on that team, Owen settled in.  He fielded a grounder at second and threw the runner out at first.  He hit the ball well and seemed to have a great time.  He got a pin instead of a t-shirt.  

I wonderful day.  A great season.  And a shout out to the Nationals team mates that showed up to cheer on my oldest.  And also big thanks to Mom and Dad for making the trip out from Michigan.

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