Boys Meet Ocean, Prefer Pool

So, we haul the boys out to the west coast of Florida so they can finally dip their toes in the ocean.  The real ocean, not Lake Michigan, which they think is the ocean.  After a much anticipated flight (not necessarily by me) that went without a hitch, we arrive in Longboat Key.  The boys are chomping at the bit to try out the ocean.  After checking to make sure the pool was up so snuff, we trudge the gear out to the powder white beach.  

The boys trip over each other to be the first to experience the OCEAN.  They throw themselves into the waves, laughing and shouting and then… the spray hits their faces.  With only the candor young men can muster they all exclaim:



Water…I need water!

(Spit, spit, hork) This is DISGUSTING!

Two of them refused to re-enter the water for the rest of the day.  And the only reason the oldest one was keen was because a family that was leaving gifted him their boogie board.

After some quality pool time, we did manage to get them all into the ocean again.  We played “jump over the waves” and “run backwards up the beach so the waves don’t touch your toes”.  And each of them took turns on the board (at varying wave levels). 

We spent some time at the local aquarium where they got up close and personal with manatees, sea turtles, dolphins and were even allowed to pet some rather tame, and tiny, rays.  Every gift shop meant a game of “no, you can’t buy that”.  And they all loved meals at the Blue Dolphin and Crab and Fin (the O man is still talking about the crab…”they have the best food, EVER”).  

They enjoyed themselves so much, they now want to move to Florida.  Never mind that we would never be able to afford a house ON the beach.  That can be left unspoken.  Let’s not spoil the fantasy.

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