We spent yesterday saying goodbye to Kiddieland.

The Iconic Kiddieland Sign

For those of you who don’t know about Kiddieland, it is a small amusement park close to our house.  The biggest ride is the log ride…other than that you are mostly going on spinny rides.  In the back, they have a great area for the smaller kids…cars that go in circles, rocket that go up and down.  And the best part…free Pepsi fountain drinks, assuming of course that the line doesn’t snake out of the park.

True, it isn’t very aesthetically pleasing…it really is just a parking lot with rides in it.  But the carousels are from before WWII, and did I mention the drinks are free?

So, it was with sad hearts that we exited the park yesterday, knowing that it would be our last visit.  They announced at the beginning of the season that they would not be back next year.  Rumor has it that it will be replaced by a Costco, just what the world needs.

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