State Fair on a Stick

There is so much to talk about!  Project Runway started…school started…we found a yellow jacket nest in the back yard…but I will start from the beginning.  The State Fair.

We have been on vacation for a week, dragging the camper to points Midwestern.  Our first stop was the Iowa State Fair.

Now, you may be thinking that State Fairs are quaint little gatherings of men in overalls showing off pigs and larger than life produce.  And while there were pumpkins the size of my car, and a 3,400 pound bull that they couldn’t get to stand up…it was a wild and crazy place.

Our trip to the fair started with a kamakaze golf cart ride through the parking lot courtesy of the local Shriners.  It was by far the boys’ favorite part of the trip…they demanded rides to and from the car every time.

You fork over your money to get in, and then you are thrust into a world of carnival rides, butter cows, funnel cakes, animal barns, and “watch your step” piles in the street.

But for every animal that is significantly smaller or larger than you ever dreamed, there is one thing that sticks in your mind about the Iowa State Fair:  the abundance of products on a stick.  They are everywhere…and here is a photographic sample:

As an appetizer

Cajun Cheese on a Stick

Main Course:

Chicken on a Stick

Chicken on a Stick


FUNtastic Pork on a Stick


Chicken AND Shrimp on a Stick


A traditional favorite…Hot Dog on a Stick.

And the one they line up around the block for (seriously)…


Pork Chop on a Stick.  Oh Baby.

And if you have a sweet tooth:


Chocolate Dipped Nut Rolls on a Stick


Chocolate Covered Cheesecake, not just on a stick, but On A Stick!

And when you are all done, and a greasy, chocolaty mess, you can clean up with:


Soap on a Stick

Gotta love it.

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