Shorts on the Runway…

If you don’t watch the Runway…just go ahead and skip this one.

I love the team challenges….nothing like making people work together to cause tons of bitchy drama!  Just goes to show you that creative partnerships are a delicate monster.

Can I get a “AMEN”!  Mitchell has finally been given the boot…making a little Project Runway history on his way out the door.  First designer in the top three to be sent home.  I can’t imagine what he did on the casting couch to get onto the show in the first place.   A designer that can’t sew?  But what really chafed me was that he gave up.  He let his partner do all the work, because he knew if he touched anything, it would be crap.  Instead of fighting to up his game, he threw in the towel.  Thank God the judges didn’t risk another talented designer to keep him on board.

I have to give the judges a WTF for the winning designs.  The flowy Grecian thing we have seen a million times before.  And then there is the neoprene creation that they all fell over themselves about.  I’m sorry…a lime green, one shouldered mess with a giant ink stain on the front?  The only thing even slightly original about the dress was the fabric.  And the runner up wasn’t much better…a great idea badly executed:  badly sewn, poorly fitted.  They jump on people for execution all the time…why not this time?  Perhaps the celebrity judge liked it and no one had the balls to contradict him.

Visited Project Rungay this morning…no new blog about last night yet, but they do have a link to Uli’s website.  Uli had a facelift.  I barely recognized her!


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