It’s official.  I have now actually scarred one of the children for life.

Ages ago, we had to take all the working parts of the door mechanisms.  It was essential.  We have an old house, and the beautiful door locks were such that the children could lock themselves into the rooms, with no way for me to unlock the door from the outside.  (Well, there was always the shouting method, but the children didn’t always respond to that).  So, while the doors upstairs have door knobs, none of them actually close.

Don’t worry, I’m getting to my point.

So, the other night, my DH and I are doing what married people do when they are bored on a weekend night.  I know, no one wants to think about that, but it is vital to the story.

Since the doors upstairs don’t close, we sometimes take our chances downstairs, especially since the youngest likes to sneak into bed with us.  And we have VERY creaky floors, so we can usually hear them if they are wandering around.

Yeah, I’m sure you know where this is going…

We are in the middle of our grown up time when we hear the


of a Monkey on the stairs.

Our faces blanched, our clothes were thrown on in an instant, and I sent Paul upstairs to see who was up.

The youngest.

With a sly smile he told me that he had been watching TV through the stair railing.  I spent the next hour and a half sitting on the stairs, looking into the living room from every elevation and angle.  As it stands, it seems certain that he didn’t actually see the thing that no child wants to see.  But the thought of it makes me giggle and cringe at the same time.

We all know that our parents did it (at least as many times as there are children in the family), but nobody and I mean NOBODY wants to be a spectator to it.

So, whether it’s true or not, I will choose to believe that he was really just watching TV.

Tomorrow the locks go back on the doors.

1 thought on “Scatter!

  1. Sarah, this is a hoot…and yes, of course, all he saw was the television. Don’t worry, he’ll tell you the true story in about 30 years.

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