Glad This Weekend is in the Books

So, not my favorite weekend.

Two of the boys are battling a virus.  They are coughing so much the house sounds like a TB ward.  I am administering inhalers, checking temps and even had to clean up one round of puke.  Oh joy.  Two separate trips to the Dr.  Two separate prescriptions at the drive thru pharmacy.  They missed one golf lesson, two playdate requests and two soccer games:   the openers for the season.

Since one of them isn’t sick, I have been jumping through hoops and doing somersaults to keep him away from his brothers.  This mostly involves putting every TV in the house on something different…one in the sick room to keep them occupied and quiet, one in the other room so the healthy one doesn’t watch in the sick room, and the one in the family room on for me, to drown out the coughing noises.

To top the roller coaster of excitement off, I sliced my thumb open on the top of the chicken soup can and got a lovely itchy rash from spending to much up close and personal time with the front bushes.  I was washing the windows.  Which gives you an idea of how desperate I was to get out of the house.

I’m keeping them home today, which means missing my reformer class at the gym, and having to reschedule my yearly mammogram.  Not to mention, Oksana, the only housekeeper good enough to impress my mother in law (which means she is the best in the WORLD) will have to trip over us all day because Monday is her day to clean.

I just keep thinking to myself:  someday they’ll be gone and I’ll wish they were here.  Someday they’ll be gone and I’ll wish they were here.

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