Let’s Reward Mediocracy.

Sometimes these reality shows really piss me off.

The Biggest Loser, one of my favorites, started last night.

It’s the biggest group ever…5 people over 400 pounds.  America, this is us.

How it works:  people work in teams.  At the end of a week, you are weighed as a team.  Then they use complicated math to work out the percentage of weight loss.  The team with the worst number has to send someone home.  You can still win money for being the biggest loser of those sent home…but now you are on your own.  No trainers.  No support.  Just like you were before you came.

The bottom team last night was Alexandra and Julio.  Alexandra is a college student.  She kicked ass in the gym.  You saw her sweating, and swearing, hauling ass and puking.  Her partner, Julio, father of two girls, was the biggest wimp…falling over, not giving his all, making you want to shout : “GROW A PAIR!”

Alexandra started at  309 lbs, and ended up losing 13 lbs.

Julio started at  407 lbs, and ended up losing 13 lbs.

You might be thinking:  “great for them!”  and yes, 13 pounds is a LOT of weight.  But to give you an idea, the other men about Julio’s size lost 18, 22, 24, and 28 pounds.  Can you say slacker?

When they talked about who they were going to vote off, they all said things like, “We know Alexandra has the drive to loose the weight at home.”

So what, now we are going to reward someone for not taking advantage of the opportunities in front of them?  You should take it easy and moan and fuck up, because that just shows how much you need to be on the show?  She can do it at home.  Why should she have to?  She showed commitment.  She showed she has balls.  Julio showed me he was really good at falling down. Cry me a river, patsy boy.

Maybe they were playing the game…but you never keep the big guys around.  They loose the most weight.

Julio has daughters that need him.  I’m sure Alexandra has people in her life that would be lost without her.

Julio would have too many distractions to overcome at home.  Alexandra is a COLLEGE STUDENT.  The pizza and beer and classes and vending machines might be a little bit of a distraction as well.

Like I said.  These shows can really piss me off.

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