Christopher lives on…

I wonder if it is hard for Christopher to watch himself on the show.  I know it’s hard for me.

My brother is convinced that he has somehow put a curse on the judges.  I think perhaps the judges are just f*%&ing nuts.

The challenge was to take a look they had done before, and create a companion outfit using the first as inspiration.  Snooze.  It would be a great idea, if any of the looks from this season had been exciting.  I can hear the producers now:  “Hey, let’s take the boring shit they made before, and make them do something to try and redeem themselves.  You know, give them the chance to really go for it and take a design from blah to OH BABY.”  Apparently the producers forgot that they were dealing with talentless hacks.   Okay, okay…that might be a little harsh.  But the fact that everything they have made could be racked at the local department store does not inspiring faith in their haute couture abilities.

Again, Christopher managed to dodge the bullet and stay on, and on, and on…  God, it’s like Freebird on repeat.  There was very little redeeming about the dress that ate another dress, then pooped it out,  throwing in a little wrinkled tin foil for good measure.  I remember when I really liked his designs.  The same way I remember college:  fondly, but it’s been so long it’s hard to believe it really happened.  I wish I could come up with some pivotal moment when he turned to the dark side.  But it escapes me. One day he was good, and then he was crap.  Maybe that should be Heidi’s new line.

Good bye sweet, lovely Logan.  How pretty you were.  How pretty your clothes weren’t.  My sister thought that perhaps they were holding back on him because he would be around for a long time.  But now she thinks they never showed him because he was boring.  Yup.  I’m going with that theory.  The only excitement came from Althea thinking he had stolen her zippered collar idea.  Well, even if he did, it was fugly…she was right not to say anything that might put her name in the minds of the judges at the same time as Logan’s dress.  Logan, when we all thought “he should have done more with the zippers” on your original dress, we did not mean buy 40 of them and slap them all over a bad 80’s cyborg costume.

Some tension between (Irena) the Tsarina and Althea.  In front of Heidi and God the Tsarina accused Althea of stealing her sweater design.  Because, God knows, Tsarina is the only person to ever think of making a sweater before. That’s like saying “Hey, I made a dress last week, and now everyone is making dresses!  They’re stealing my idea!” And how would Althea known to buy the knit sweater fabric at Mood, if she hadn’t originally sketched a sweater?

We always knew she was a bitch, but she was a behind the scenes snarky bitch.  Now she is trying to “sabatoge” other designers.  Although, luckily for the other designers she totally sucks at it.  As a person who occasionally sews, I can reassure you that Gordana would have managed just fine without the hook and eye.  But Tsarina’s refusal to aid a fellow designer shows that she has no class, and will probably go far in fashion.

What I wouldn’t give for some separates, (except for the Chewbacca outfit).  I envision Heidi coming out and announcing the challenge is “make a pantsuit”…and all of them would make dresses.  Oh all the pretty dresses. All the f*%&ing pretty dresses.

So, was anyone else laughing their arse off when they showed Tsarina not being named winning designer?  Shock and awe!  How could she not win?  Giggle giggle. I love it when the bitch gets slapped.  Love it.

So…now there are, how many are left?  Am I supposed to care?  This endless season is not so much charging towards a finale as limping away and crying uncle.  Maybe I will too.  If it weren’t for Tim Gunn I don’t think I could muster the strength to watch anymore.  I hate it when you are routing against the bad guy (who shall remain nameless but rhymes with meana) instead of throwing all your enthusiasm behind someone you like.

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