Things to do When the Kids are Home Sick

So, being trapped at your house for 2 days with a bunch of sick, but not too sick kids, translates to getting much done.  I think I was in a manic phase, because I feel this is a lot, even for me.

Putting up the Christmas Lights

I had already managed to string the ones into the giant tree in the front.  It was a three extension poles taped together nightmare that resulted in a stiff neck.  But when it’s 70 degrees in October, you put the time to good use.  Yesterday, I put a garland around the deck, lit that, and then finished up with the lights on the back gutters.  I can Christmas the shit out of anything.

Cleaning out the Gutters

Yeah!  Work Gloves!  Figured as long as I was up on the ladder monkeying around with the gutters, I might as well get the last of the crispy leaves out of them.  Now they look so clean.  Worthy of Christmas lights.  And I got to feel kick ass!

Dealt With the Patio Furniture

Took the cushions off the chairs and got them into the garage.  Thought about taking up the carpet.  Thought better of it.  Even I, SuperMom, have my limits.

Going Through the Medicine Cabinet

One of my personal favorites.  I worked my way to the back and found medicine that expired in 2006.  Oh yeah.  I am soo on top of things.

Cleaned out the Everything Drawer in the Kitchen

You know that drawer, where you put every weird, wacky thing that doesn’t have a home.  I found a pastry cutter, two meat mallets (yes, TWO), three different kinds of rolling pins, ladles, spatulas, cinnamon sticks, and two salt shakers…one of which had managed to open itself and leave an inch of salt in the back half of the drawer.  Yeah.  Good times.

Made a Taco Pie

One of the best junk foods ever.  Period.  And I even forgot one of the ingredients and messed up the order of another two.

Folded and Put Away a Week’s Worth of Laundry

Hey, it was clean.  That’s what really matters.

Cleaned off the Dining Room Table

If you have ever seen my dining room table, you know what a herculean task that was.

Went Through My Knitting Baskets

Threw out what would never be finished.  Tried to finish some little projects I really like.  Sometimes I wish I didn’t have any hobbies.

Then there was the usual cleaning up after the meals, sweeping the floors, throwing out the crumpled kleenex, fetching drinks and answering bizarre questions (Mom, how do you spell “breasts”?)

So, I guess next time I want to organize the photo albums, I’ll just keep the kids home from school.




1 thought on “Things to do When the Kids are Home Sick

  1. Of course your dining room table is clean. You put away your laundry. Isn’t that where you store your clean laundry in baskets.

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