Kids Say the Darndest Things

My oldest son’s birthday party was last weekend.  We all went out to the go kart track and burned it up for an hour or so.  Since the timing seemed a little fluid, we decided it would be best to drop the boys off after the party.

I have never experienced a Suburban to the gills with 9 year old boys before.  It was an experience.

At one point they started singing.  And it was so cute.  Not the cherubic tones of their prepubescent voices…but the lyrics.

Here is the song they were singing…make it through at least one refrain before reading on…

So, the young men start with the chorus, but here are the lyrics they sang:

“It’s to late to order fries/ it’s too late.”

I almost peed.  I’m not sure whether or not they think those are the real lyrics to the song, or if they made them up on purpose.  Either way, it’s hilarious!


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