And we wonder why everyone hates us…

I saw this today and thought…Holy Crap!

Americans are now so distinctly lazy that someone felt it was necessary to create a labor saving device to – wait for it – crack eggs.  Yes, ladies and gentlemen, it has come to that.

Every morning when I awake I think: “Damn!  Now I have to go downstairs and CRACK EGGS!  My whole day is ruined and it hasn’t even really started yet!”

And if you watch the infomercial, it would seem that cracking eggs is the sloppiest, most difficult kitchen duty in history.  The hand model cracks them into the stove burner, all over the countertops, and the poor spokesmodel spends quite a bit of time making a horrified face while picking bits of shell out of her omelette or muffin.  Hell on wheels people.  Hell on wheels.

So some helpful fellow made a contraption larger than a garlic press to keep that horror out of your lives.  It would take more time to clean the EZ Cracker than to clean up the spilt eggs using the old fashioned method, but you won’t get any egg goo on your hands.  Oh, and I forgot to tell you, it will separate the yoke if you use some attachment that you will misplace before you even get it out of the box.

When we, as a culture, decide that it is too difficult and takes too much time to gently crack an egg with our own two hands…well, I think we are a bunch of idiots.

A true labor saving device would go to the store and buy the eggs for you in the first place.  That’s the one I ‘m waiting for.

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