Random Ranting

I’ve taken quite a break, decompressing from the holidays.

I was going to do a year in review.  But then Alan did his decade in review and there was no way I was going to try and compete with that.

So now I am watching the Arizona “game” (I say that loosely, because for the last half it has been a ping pong match.  Whoever has the ball scores.  There have been two punts.  Not a good game.)  That is in between the DH watching something about Sarah Palin.  Oh, my life is a roller coaster.

Speaking of T.V., I have to get something off my chest.


They did an Armageddon week with all kinds of stuff about killer viruses, end of the world scenarios, and various other things that require making bio fuels out of cooking oil, drinking water out of hot water tanks, hoarding antibiotics, and living off the land with no electricity.  Now the DHl is almost unbearable.  I expect a new round of parcels arriving from god knows where filled with things like freeze dried corn seeds that will be usable after my great grandchildren graduate college.  Ah.  Good times.

In other exciting T.V. news:

Colby is going to be on Survivor: Heros vs Villians. (Happy dance)  I haven’t watched Survivor since the Australia cycle, so it would be fitting if I watched to see him again.  Such a cutie pie.

Project Runway starts this Thursday!  Sweet!  More Tim Gunn, which is always a good thing.  The only problem is that there are all these “designers” in the show with him.  I would love to see him in a real class, he must be the most INCREDIBLE teacher.  But he has to waste his time with a bunch of unworthy industry hacks who take him totally for granted and sometimes even, dare I say it, don’t take his advice!  Blasphemers.   At least Nina and Michael will be back to actually judge this season.  And much as I often think they are full of sh%t, it is predictable, comfortable sh%t and I really missed them last time around.

Of course, a new season of Runway means late nights of blahging.  The DH will be so excited.  He loves it when reality T.V. starts a new cycle.  It’s the feeling you get in grade school when you see your days of summer break expiring at an alarming clip. It actually goes along well with Armageddon week:  The End is Near!

Now for something completely different.


They have cancelled ALL of their flights out of Roatan on Wednesdays, thus throwing my Honduras bone fishing trip into complete disarray.  Now I will either have to spend a night in San Pedro Sula, Honduras or San Salvador, El Salvador.  Neither of which I am psyched about dealing with alone, at night.  Or I will have to somehow convince the sitter (love you Dad) to take on an extra day watching my boys (which, believe me, is a HUGE thing), or convince the lovely outfitter to let me stay an extra day if I promise I won’t fish or eat anything and I will sleep on the beach, please, please, please!!!

And for my last rant:

I love that all you people have decided you want to get in shape in the New Year.  I think that is awesome and I congratulate you.  However, I would really appreciate it if you would just give up now instead of waiting ’til February and get the F%@& out of my gym!  The machines are full, the classes are bursting, and my usual parking spot is now sometimes full.  I am a person who likes predictability and routine…you are f%@&ing with my Wa.

Now, I will sit back and watch a man toss enough pizza dough to make a 42″ pizza (I am not kidding.  A 42″ pizza.  Talk about a food that could kill you.  You could smother someone under that pizza!), feel a little smug about not having eaten out for dinner all week, and sip a diet coke.

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