Now I’ve Gone and Done It…

I signed up for my first ever triathlon today.

(Please wait for a moment as the panic attack subsides)

Now, don’t get all excited.  It is just a sprint triathlon (very short by triathlon standards), and my goal is merely to finish.  I won’t be blazing new ground in the age group that starts with a number we won’t mention and ends with a “0”.  I need to find/borrow a bike and figure out how to run/jog/walk 3.whatever miles without the aid of a iPod.  So there is still a long way to go.

Why?  You may ask.  That’s an excellent question.

I have always secretly wished that I was kick ass enough to do the Eco-Challenge.  Remember that?:  People hiking, running, climbing, kayaking, and bitching for a week in a race across the wilds of a third world country.  But not only am I not motivated enough to train for that, you have to have a team of four and there is no way I would ever find 3 people as insane as one would have to be to actually TRY the Eco-Challenge.

So a triathlon seemed like a close second.  And there is this lovely, women only, sprint distance one in June that everyone thinks is just the perfect first triathlon.  I won’t even have to travel.  Lovely.

I also will have at least one friend in the event…possibly more.  This gives me someone to train and commiserate with during the months leading up to the tri (that is apparently what people far cooler than me call it).  Of course, she is in a much younger age category (b#tch) but maybe we can drive out to Naperville together at 3:30 AM or whatever ungodly time we will have to leave to get there by 4:30 AM for check in.  Why is it that organized sporting events usually require such early call times?  Part of the masochistic mentality I suppose.  If you are going to about kill yourself swimming, biking and running, might as well get it over with early in the day!  Leaves time for the ER before dinner.

I will try to keep you posted on any exciting happenings in the lead up.  I can’t imagine what would actually be exciting about training.  I suppose I could trip and fall in a fantastic fashion.  We’ll have to wait and see…

3 thoughts on “Now I’ve Gone and Done It…

    • You can do anything other than put your feet down or use floaties. So sidestroke would be fine! You gonna do it with me?

  1. Yikes – good for you! Sounds like a moment of insanity triggered by that harsh reality of the approaching “_0”. Unfortunately I let that moment of anxiety pass me by while I sat on my couch with my laptop! As my caring and sensitive doctor would say “Hence the weight gain…” More power to ya!

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