First Bit ‘O Gear

I got my first piece of official triathlon gear in the mail today!

It’s a “tri suit”:  a swimsuit/bike short suit/running suit that apparently dries phenomenally quickly, has super duper extra padding in all the places you need it to be to ride a bike a long way, and a day glow color that will make me easy to spot at the finish line.  Sweet.

I would post a picture of me in it, but while the training is well underway, I still don’t have the bod to pull the suit off yet.  I may never have it.  And then the picture will never appear on these pages.

I have discovered that, like with anything, there is a dizzying wealth of crap you can buy that will supposedly help you through this experience.  There are wet suits for the chilly water, there are the tri suits, there are separates that together will create a tri suit.  Don’t forget the special belts, hats, gels, goggles, power bars, powders, supplements, sunglasses, socks, jackets, training aids, bike handlebars, helmets, pedals, oh heck, if you can dream it you can buy it.

Tooling around on line I noticed that these suit thingies averaged a little over $100 on sale.  Honestly, I am trying to keep the investments to a minimum.  But I also know that racing swim suits and proper running and biking clothes are expensive as well.  Plus, there are no dressing rooms at the transitions.  Therefore, unless you are REALLY comfortable with public nudity, you have to wear your swimsuit for the whole nine yards underneath whatever else you brought.  Sounds damp to me.

This particular tri suit was on sale for $40!!  While it isn’t the colors I would have chosen, it was $40.  I couldn’t get a racing suit for that.

I tried it on and it fits, though I look a little ridiculous in it.  But it means I won’t have to change at all, so I can use the transitions for stretching, gasping for air, and cursing myself for getting myself into this mess.

Now I just have to figure out a bike to use…

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