Partner up, Dancers!!

This has nothing to do with the Dancing Cast announcement.  As of now, the littlest angel, my youngest, will be known as Luge.  It suits him.

The reality TV binge continues!

Pull out your sequined lycra!  Dust off your gold heals.  Spray on that tan!  In three short weeks DH enters the third ring of hell, aka Dancing With the Stars returns on ABC.   OH Yeah!

The week will now break down for me like this:

Monday…stay up late to watch DWTS after DH goes to bed.

Tuesday…time shift the results to avoid an hour of stalling for 30 seconds of elimination.  Try to make sure the children aren’t trying to record Chowder so that the DVR can do Biggest Looser at the same time.  Stay up late to watch the Looser.

Wednesday…try to avoid having to watch Lost with my DH

Thursday…stay up late to watch Project Runway

Friday…write the PR Blahg ’cause by now they have the pictures up.  Go to bed early due to loss of cumulative sleep.

Yes, the DH loves this time in the television cycle.

And who will I have the pleasure of watching on DWTS this time around?  Well, they stuck to pulling people out of the usual categories.

There is the old guy:  Buzz Aldrin (I won’t make the obligatory moonwalk joke)

The football player:  Ochocinco

The person you think will be able to dance/singer:  Nicole Scherzinger.  She was a Pussycat Doll.  Wait, maybe the DH will watch this cycle.

Boy eye candy,  aka soap star:  Aiden Turner.  He’s from AMC.  Don’t watch it, but his photo is promising.

Comedienne:  Niecy Nash.  She was on Reno 911.

Girl eye candy:  Erin Andrews.  She is an ESPN reporter,  yes the one with the pictures.

Reality star #1:  Kate Gosslin.  How she will find time with the 8 kids is beyond me.

Reality star #2:  Jake the Bachelor.  Pig.

The B@%*h/former teenage star:  Shannon Doherty.

The older woman:  Pamela Anderson.  Now before you jump down my throat about her being the eye candy…forget it.  She is 43 years old so, as much as I hate it, she qualifies for the “mature woman” slot.  Kate Gosslin is 8 years younger.  Ouch.

The Olympian:  EVAN LYSACEK!!  Sweet!!  This is a man that won’t be intimidated by the spray tans or outlandish costumes.

So, my reality cup runneth over.  Let’s Dance Baby!!!!

1 thought on “Partner up, Dancers!!

  1. Hey – I am 43!! So now I am the older woman? The mature woman? Yikes 😦
    Well this is the first time I have had anything in common with Pamela Anderson ____!

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