The Myth of Paperclips

So I am in a bit of a funk lately…nothing serious.  Just having a hard time getting myself motivated.  Also, it could be hormones since I am racing at break neck speed towards the birthday that shall not be named.

Anyway, when I am in a funk I do what any normal person would do.  I buy office supplies.  What?  That isn’t what everyone does?  Am I again unique (read weird)?

I wish I knew where this obsession came from.  Perhaps I think that if I load up on notebooks, post it notes and binders I will finally finish the first draft of Get Lucky.  Maybe I think that if I buy supplies I will somehow finally organize my life so that I don’t wince every time I open up a drawer or cabinet in this house.  And even though making labels in and of itself won’t organize the Christmas pile in the basement, it might just give me the push I need to get it done.

Part of the allure, I am sure, is that most of the items, on their own, are not very expensive.  A packet of pens here, box of paper clips there, and okay, maybe just one adorable notebook.  In the end you have spent three hours browsing, and managed to maybe spend $30 in the store.  It’s a pretty good ratio.

If I were normal, I would go to the spa, or buy clothes for the kids.  But again I have to live with the curse of originality, and a cabinet full of office supplies.

2 thoughts on “The Myth of Paperclips

  1. Now it is confirmed that we are related, Sarah. I absolutely LOVE office supplies and feel much better for some strange reason upon purchasing some. In fact, I did just yesterday in order to organize the 3 billion articles i need to read for a course i’m taking and a course i will be teaching…aaahhh, the allure of organization works wonders on distraction from anxiety….

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