Triathlon Update: Injury #1

It’s a miracle I made it this far.

I am going to blame running, though it isn’t really its fault.

The inner thigh muscle.  Not going to call it the groin muscle…I prefer something more feminine.

You know the thing that sucks the most about going about your daily life with an inner thigh pull on your right leg?  Driving.  I was such the grandma driving home at about 8 mph…you try to put pressure on the gas pedal with an inner thigh pull!!  And don’t even get me started on trying to go down the stairs.  Up is doable.  Down is a flipping nightmare.

My trainer assures me that it should feel better if I stay off it for 48 hours or so and ice the crap out of it.  Sure.  That’ll happen.

Timing wise, if I HAD to get injured, this works out pretty well.  DH is mostly in town, I have months until the event, and nothing physically taxing that HAS to get done.  I was going to finally get the lights off the big tree in front, but shucks, that’ll have to wait.

You may be wondering how I did it.  If you ask my publicist, we are going with pushing a baby out from in front of a speeding train.  As for the real reason…it is too embarrassing and banal.  Something along the lines of “Sammy Sosa sneezed, and threw out his back”.

But I’ll never tell.

1 thought on “Triathlon Update: Injury #1

  1. I have been meaning to ask you about your training progress… Ouch!
    I think I have to get you out for Margarita’s so I can hear the real story. Oh – I will drive :).
    If it were me this would be the excuse I was waiting for to back out of the triathlon. You are committed!

    Take care

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