Bring on the Silly

Was it just me, or was that possibly one of the most boring episodes EVER!

So, they tried to put them in pairs to see what kind of bitchy chaos would ensue.  The problem was that the only team with any animosity was Mila and Jay…and they showed their dislike for each other by not speaking.  Wow.  Compelling television.   Well, Anthony was a little steamrolled by Maya, but they both liked each other.  And the bromance between Emilio and Seth Aaron was just so heartwarming.  retching noises

I am soooo over Emilio,  although, I doubt he will ever be over himself.  He really wanted to do well in this challenge to make his people proud.  What people?  Narcissistic posers?  raspberries I realize it takes a huge amount of self confidence and ego to take on a creative field like fashion, and stand up and say “I’m good at this!”  But normally it is tempered my a certain amount of crippling self doubt.  It’s what makes artists bearable.  Not so much Emilio.  What sealed the deal was him laughing about pairing Jay and Mila.  At that point I was praying Mila would kick his ass in the challenge, and it takes a lot for me to wish anything positive for Mila.

And would someone please explain the sudden proliferation of cardigan sweaters to me?  Forgive me for not trusting the fashion sense of men wearing Mr. Rogers’ wardrobe.  I want my designers to look like designers, not dentists.

We didn’t need the edit this time to figure out who would be in the top and bottom.  Due to the pairings, we knew all of them would be on the runway at the end.  Maybe that is part of what made it so boring.

Emilio and Seth Aaron:

Inspiration:  Harlem.

Emilio was the team leader, but Seth Aaron won the challenge for him.  S.A. pulled the denim suit out in a flash while Emilio made a, wait for it…dress!  But wait…Seth Aaron made a jacket and pants!  NO WAY!  I didn’t know he could do that!  Time to mix it up a little buddy boy.  Not that it wasn’t a lovely outfit.  No one can sew faster than S.A..  And as always the fit was impeccable.  But the Rocker Pantsuit look is getting a little like a broken record.

As for Emilio’s dress, I don’t know what the judges found so amazing about it.  It was a dress we have seen a zillion times before, but with a zipper down the front.  wow i am so impressed.  The tailoring was atrocious.  The lining didn’t sit well with the fabric, which was way too heavy and crisp for a Billie Holliday type dress.  There was puckering all over the place, and from Emilio I expect way better.

But this wins.  Go figure.

Anthony and Maya

Inspiration:  Chinatown

Anthony did an inspired job on the dress.  I agreed that some color in the accents would have been nice.  A very interesting technique honey combing it like that.  You always have to worry with Anthony.  He can take things too far.  But Maya kept him on his best behavior by hovering over him like a first time mother.  Talk about a control freak.

Maya was in charge of the second look, and I am not a fan.  I think the jacket looks old, or like a restaurant uniform.  And the skirt didn’t match the jacket.  Though I think the skirt on its own was pretty cool.  Again, the judges liked the wrong outfit.  Go figure.

Jay and Mila:

Inspiration:  Lower East Side

Poor Jay.  He about swallowed his tongue when he was forced to work with Mila.  I can’t say that I blame him.  Even when she is working with someone else she still manages to make black and white color blocking.  AAARRRGGGHHH!  Do the judges say anything?  No.  But they might have been too distracted by Jay’s…well, I guess it might be considered an outfit.  If you call a boob revealing tank top with a pair of chicken thigh pants an outfit.

The color blocking must stop.  IT MUST STOP.  She tried to break it up a little with the fire engine red panty hose (’cause that is something a regular woman would be caught dead in. cough cough).  I was upset that they never asked the model to take off the coat.  For all we know the model was naked under that thing.  Mila said it was a dress, but she would say she was a man if she thought it would get her through to the next round.

When Jay fails, he fails big.  He did not disappoint.  There was nothing interesting, well made, or fashionable about that thing.    The only thing that saved him was that there was a worse pair of outfits.

Amy and Jonothan:

Inspiration:  Upper East Side.

Well, at least they finished both of them.

Amy went home on the back of the shirt dress that was neither a shirt, nor a dress.  Molly Simms complained that no one can wear that color, although that didn’t seem to matter last week with Jonothan’s dress.  But why should consistency matter in the judging?   It was a shame, because Amy worked so hard on the pleating, and you could barely even see it.  If you are doing Upper East Side it has to be sleek, stylish and more than anything have the appearance of luxury.  This has nothing of the sort.

Jonothan’s wasn’t much better.  The nude shade under the black looked cheap.  The front panel was done nicely, but not perfectly.  And you could barely see it because of the bizarre side panels.  The boy can do better.  And he had better next time, or they will leave as three and come home as two.

Amy got the auf.  I think the memory of the clown fish scale pants really worked against her.

Note to producers:  pairing them off when there are only 8 designers left doesn’t work so well.  It’s great when there are like 34 designers and you need to whittle it down a little.  Not so fun when they are getting to crunch time.  They all need to be captains of their own destiny at this point.

Note to readers:  sorry this posting is so lame.  But like I said, I found the episode quite snoozey.

4 thoughts on “Bring on the Silly

  1. I am ready to make my prediction…
    Seth Aaron will be the final winner with Maya in second place.

    Personally I thought Maya’s outfit this week was the best. I would buy it tomorrow if I could. Seth Aaron’s outfits are always interesting and well made but not something the average woman would wear – at least not this woman!

    I agree that Emilio’s dress was a snooze. I think Maya and Anthony did not win because Anthony’s dress, although pretty, was too hootchie.

  2. Megan will be happy to hear that…she has him in the pool.

    I just wonder if S.A. can do a collection. I agree he is good at pieces, but a collection is a whole different animal. I didn’t like him at first, but he is growing on me.

    I think Maya will make the finals. She has a very strong point of view and I think that the challenges actually reign her in too much. Let loose she is going to be something. Also we have to remember that some people just have too much trouble with the time constraints. When they get a month to work on stuff, it could be amazing.

    If I had to pick a winner I might pick Maya. As much as I wish Anthony would win, he is just too pagent.

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