Let the Games Begin

Just received word from J’s baseball coach.  He is on the team sponsored by our favorite diner (he is hoping for at least a free cheeseburger), and among his teammates are boys we know.

Getting assigned a team was the easy part.  Now comes the great schedule ballet.  We will have the three boys split between two teams.  Both teams have decided that Tuesday and Thursday would be the best days to have practices.  One group will practice on the North side, one on the South.  Sometimes one team will be at Stella’s (the batting cages), which isn’t far, but it ain’t close either.  On top of this they were supposed to have pitching and hitting camps during the week as well.

I had a taste of being pulled in eighty directions when the O man and J were on two different soccer teams.  But that was only on Saturdays.  This will be all week long.

I see lots of carpooling in my future.

1 thought on “Let the Games Begin

  1. All 3 of our kids were in soccer at the same time, on 3 different teams. A total of 6 practices a week, 3 games every Saturday, 3 different locations, and 2 parents to split it all up: craziness. I just had to pray that I wouldn’t end up responsible for 3 team snacks all on the same day :>)

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