The Sad Remains

My vacuum is officially dead.

I returned home yesterday to find it’s sad remains splayed across the living room.  Apparently it had all but disintegrated when our cleaning lady (or as I like to call her, marriage saver), tried to hoover the dining room.  She just kind of left it where it lay, as if to give it some dignity in death.

It wasn’t the best vacuum.  You had to constantly change the belt, the bags were a total pain to acquire, and there were giant clumps of the electric cording that had been field dressed with duck and/or electrical tape.  Yes, she had seen better days.  But my mother just recently retired my grandmother’s vacuum from the 60’s.  So I have to assume we have either fallen prey to planned obsolescence, or we are just extremely hard on vacuum cleaners.  I could believe either.

So, goodbye vacuum.  You served us well.

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