I was Wang Chunged…

The 80’s Prom fund raiser Friday night went very well.  Most people got dressed up in ridiculous outfits (me included) and raised money for the old preschool while listening to the soundtrack of our wasted youth.  Totally awesome, dude.

DH and Debbie (in the dress she wore to her real prom in the 80’s!!)

DH opted for the Don Johnson look…he was not alone:

Crocket and Tubs baby.

There was a lot of lace, a lot of peach and bows where there should never be bows.  I and many others opted for the “Madonna” look.

A wonderful shot by r3 multimedia group! r3mg.com See more photos from the night here.

Aren’t we pretty?  My hair hasn’t been this big since my real prom all those many moons ago

Notice the red hair and that my best friend and date, Dougie, has on more jewelry than I do.

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