The Greatest Show on Earth

I must once again lead with

Shut the f@*k up Emilio!

Challenge: make a high fashion look inspired by the circus.  Notice that they didn’t say “costume” or “ring master coat and pants”.  And they didn’t require black and white stripes, though you would never know it.

I felt like I was watching Tom Petty’s Don’t Come Around Here No More video from the 80’s.


Crap.  I really don’t want to like his clothes.  But I really loved this dress.  It was the circus without being a costume.  However, he is an insufferable ass, and I wish that he would just stop talking.  STOP TALKING!  And you’d better stop yelling at Tim Gunn.  You sass to him again and you will have to deal with me.  Don’t underestimate me…I’m scrappy.  Of course he won, blah blah blah.   He was “humbled” by his win.  Are you laughing as hard as I am?

Seth Aaron

Okay, Seth, seriously?  The only thing that would have made this more of a cliche would be a top hat.  But wait, he was originally going to do one of those.  I realize that he has a unique point of view, but holy cow.  I am glad he went through, because I think he can put together a great collection.  This particular outfit, though, I felt fell short.  Not just because it was a re-styling of his mother/daughter challenge outfit,

but because we already know he can do this.  I know it is hard to believe, but this is “safe” for Seth Aaron.  But I wish him luck and am truly looking forward to seeing his collection.


As many people pointed out, it was a little King of Pop.  It was also too plain.  Too safe.  And too widely spaced across the chestle area.  A snoozer.  But I applaud the lack of black and white stripes.  He was told to go home, make a collection, and they will decide if it is Bryant Park worthy.  I hope he makes it through, because his competition is


What is this mess?  It didn’t fit her well.  It didn’t look inspired by the circus, it looked like it fell off the back of a circus truck. It lacked the exquisite tailoring of SA’s or Jay’s look.  She used color, but the wrong colors.  What was up with the lime green?  It lacked POP and sophistication.  The collar was vampira and black and white stripes were weak.  I was left thoroughly unimpressed.  She is really going to have to dig deep to end up in the final three.


Goodbye Miss Sofia.  You will be sorely missed.  No one could forgive making a polyester dress.  No one.  The dress itself was fine, I guess.  I enjoyed his inspiration being someone other than the damn Ringmaster.  But his lack of technical skill really betrayed him this challenge.  No matter how much you like the guy, and I like him A LOT, you can’t give him the golden ticket on the back of something like this.  Half of his detailing didn’t even show up, and the bottom of the dress was just a wasteland.  I hope he gets the mentoring he needs to really blossom, ’cause I think the boy could really be something.

So next week is my absolute favorite show of the season.  Tim Gunn will criss cross the country trying to help the designers make fashion magic.  From the tease we already know that Emilio will disrespect Tim yet again grrrrrr.  I can understand not using his advice, but what I can’t understand and will never forgive, is how rude Emilio is to him.  Jackass.  What I really hope is that Tim makes biscuits again.  That was the cutest thing ever.

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