Mariners Opener!

It was a beautiful day for baseball.  The sun was shining, the tempurature was a perfect seventy something, and the boys were all excited to get their jerseys and play some ball.  After a greasy Kentucky Fried meal, the Mighty Mariners lined up on the bench and got down to business.

The Littlest Angel (aka “The Rookie”) was the second player to bat.  He looked a little like a bobble head doll in his slightly ridiculous helmet, but I knew he could hit the ball.  It’s on a tee for heaven’s sake.  He smacked it hard, but didn’t get a hit until his next at bat.  The crowd went wild.  He also got a double and was brought around the bases twice by his amazing teammates.  He was so proud I thought he would burst.  For some reason he refused to take off his batting helmet for the entire game…which was interesting when he played right field.  I guess Coach thought he might not find his way out there, so he gave the Rookie an escort.  Too cute.

As for the O man, he fought through a nearly debilitating case of seasonal allergies to hit a homer, that I missed while dropping the oldest off at practice.  The DH was there (thank goodness).  He also did well defensively, throwing out a few runners at first.

The whole team did really well both offensively and defensively.  Many of us parents wondered what the heck the kids have been eating over the past year because all the sudden they look so big.  They also looked suspiciously like a real tball team out there…who knows what the season will have in store for us this year?

I apologize in advance for any Mariners missing from the montage…new camera, some of the pix didn’t turn out.


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