The Handshake Heard ‘Round the World

Wow.  Who would have thought that Emilio would  have such an effect on Tim?  Granted, Emilio is an insufferable ass, but I have never seen Tim so cool towards a contestant before.  Jay threw himself into Tim’s arms.  Mila got kisses and Seth Aaron got the big bear hug.  Then it’s time to greet Emilio, and he gets the straight arm hand shake.  Ouch.  Serves you right, Emilio.  Raspberries.

But back to the beginning…

Tim Gunn on a trampoline!  Now I have seen it all.  I think the apron and biscuits was cuter, though.  Seth Aaron was the designer I instantly disliked.  Boy has he won me over.  I can’t wait to see his collection next week.  Tim thought SA needed to rethink his entire collection.  Yikes.  But does he give Tim crap?  Does he spout arrogant bull?  No.  He takes the advice and stews on it and makes a decision.  Take a lesson, Emilio.

Oh Emilio.  Oh Lordy.  Could you be a bigger jerk?  You were showing Tim a bunch of old lady clothes and another “the pattern is my name” fabric.  He tells you that they are crap and you again are rude to Mr. Gunn!!  You are dead to me.

Jay vs Mila

So, the two runners up duke it out for the last remaining spot at Fashion Week.  Lots of tears, lots of “I’m so close I can taste its”.  The producers tried to muddy the waters by making them room together.  But they made nice and were actually on speaking terms when they were forced to share a table in the work room.


Gee, black and white color blocking.  Never would have seen that coming.  Impeccable tailoring as always.  Nothing new nothing innovative, just retro 60’s styling in shapes that Heidi liked.


Great concept (but I like an Asian aesthetic), color, and shin guards.  Loved the shin guards.  It was Jay times 5, which he needed to do.  I didn’t think it was overworked.  It was original and “fashion forward” and everything that Mila’s wasn’t.  I really wanted to see what he ended up doing with that amazing coat from Tim’s visit.   I was intrigued and looking forward to seeing more.  Which, of course, meant that he wouldn’t make it to Bryant Park.  And he didn’t.  Stupid Nina sided with Heidi and they gave stupid Mila the green light.

I can’t believe they are sending Mila’s tired crap to the finals.  It makes me question the judges taste in general.  Perhaps they are getting too old…

So next week is the big to do.  Let’s hope Seth Aaron puts something amazing down the runway, and that Emilio suffers from an epic fail.  And from the looks of his collection in progress, it could easily happen.

As my sister says, “I hate Emilio so much that I wouldn’t wear his clothes if he were the last designer on Earth.  I would just walk around in pillow cases or something.”  Hear, hear!

2 thoughts on “The Handshake Heard ‘Round the World

  1. I’ve got to disagree about Jay. As much as I like him more than Mila, I thought his stuff was definitely overworked. Take a look at his full collection. It might be “fashion forward”, but none of it is wearable.

    Not that it matters, neither Jay nor Mila had a shot at winning. I think Seth Aaron has a reasonable chance at unthrowning the chosen one.

  2. What kind of runway fashion is ever wearable…I would direct you to Alexander McQueen’s last collection. It isn’t about wearable clothes, it is about concepts that can be turned into wearable clothes.

    Mila’s might have been wearable, but they were sixties and boring and nothing that made me want to see more. At least Jay would have been entertaining instead of the sad I am expecting from Mila.

    I fear that there is nothing that can dethrone the awful one.

    I never look at the collections on T Lo until the whole shebang is over…so you have an advantage.

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