Al’s Opener

Big J is on the Al’s Grill Youth Mustang team.  That’s the fancy way of saying he plays for Al’s in pitchball, and gets a free shake when he eats at the Grill.  Needless to say, he is in heaven.

I feared pitch ball.  I worried that the games would drag on and on with no one hitting and everyone walking in runs.  And while there were shades of that, there was a fair amount of offense.  Most of it was the other team, but J and his team mates certainly went down swinging.  While J is still waiting for his first hit, he looked good at the plate, working deep into the counts and not just swinging blindly at every ball that streaked by.  It won’t be long.

He played third and left.  He didn’t get the chance to put leather on the ball, but he was following the plays and covered his position perfectly.

And while I am so exhausted I could weep, it was a great day of baseball.

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