The Fauxhawk Wins!

Seed money for fashion collection:  $10,000.  Putting up a tent for Bryant Park fashion week:  $200,000.  Look on Emilio’s face upon hearing he DID NOT win Project Runway:  Priceless.

GO SETH AARON!!  Am I excited that Seth Aaron won?  Or over the moon that Emilio wasn’t?  Both baby, both.  Seth Aaron did it his way: fun and sassy and chic and completely him.

Emilio’s was nicely done.  I loved the blue kimono jacket

and other than the strange green color he chose and his awful “urban camoflage e-sosa” print it was very good.  The problem with it was that it was ready to wear.  You could have found any of those pieces at a high end department store.  But you don’t do that when the world is your stage.  When the world is your stage you give them Chicago, not High School Musical.  He went way too safe.  And while everyone was tripping over themselves to praise his flowy dress, what they didn’t notice was that the front panel rode up between the model’s legs and gave her a gold diaper.

It was a construction error from someone who doesn’t make those.  I don’t know why no one else noticed it.  This is why they need to consult with me…

Overall, I liked a lot of the pieces, and I really didn’t want to like any of them.

Mila’s was everything you expected it to be and less.

I guess this would be my favorite if pressed to choose.  I thought her accessories were the best.  But no matter how many aubergine bones you throw in, it was a black and white collection.  There’s a shocker.  The judges were wowed by her leggings.  I’m sorry, there is nothing exciting about leggings, no matter how cute they are.  They are chopped off opaque hose.  Oh wait, let me alert the media.  And the sheer cut outs were not her idea.  I have a pair of Puma running pants with sheer panels.  My trainer calls them my sexy pants. raspberries What really stinks is that these garments in the right colorway would be insanely good.  But she sold herself short and snoozed out the runway.  I did really like her dress from last week, but it is so last week…


Congratulations to Seth Aaron!  Not only for producing such astoundingly normal children, but for a really solid, creative, and whimsical collection.  He went out on the edge

and he showed elegance and sophistication.

…this one was my favorite.  It was the only collection that showed anything new.  Some of it was wacky, but then again, Seth Aaron is wacky.  Especially that hair…don’t ever do that to your hair again!!
Do I think the best collection won?  I agree with the judges, that Seth Aaron’s was the only collection. He experimented with texture, color, construction and perspective.  He went all the way, without fear or hesitation.  He pushed way past his comfort zone and you can’t say that about Mila or Emilio.  I wasn’t Seth Aaron’s biggest fan in the beginning, but he grew on me, and I am pleased as punch that he won (Congratulations Megan!)
So now we go into hibernation until next season.

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