Of Bikes and Helmet (Head)

So, I have a bike…and really good fifties helmet hair, but more about that later.

My lovely neighbor was nice enough to pull her bikes out of the basement and let me use one.  It is an aluminum frame mountain bike with road tires, cage pedals, and to top it off, a groovy purple color.  It’s heavier than a real road bike, but it weighs less than my comfort bike.  At “free” it is about $1,000 cheaper than buying a new one.  Me likey.  This bike will go a long way towards achieving that whole “finishing” goal, seeing as how the lack of one would kinda get me DQ’ed.

As for the helmet head, turns out my new hair cut lends itself quite nicely to being rolled, back combed, and generally coerced into one of those old late 50’s helmet styles.  The neighborhood was lousy with such hair styles, fedoras, fake cigarettes, and cocktails for the Mad Men party we attended this weekend.  It was a fund raiser for the school and it was hilarious!  Everyone got as into it as I always do for anything that involves a theme or costume.  I do so love it when everyone is on board!

There were cocktails galore.  I tried something called a “Cuba Libre”, which boils down to rum and coke with lime.  I liked the champagne cocktail better.  I wore the Armani for the first time.  It is like wearing butter.  Total comfort from a little black cocktail dress, who would have thought it possible?  The ladies compared foundation garments and glove shopping.  The men tried to get drunk and not hear us comparing our foundation garments.  Good times.

We stayed out a little later than we should have, but it was great.

Now, however, I am starting to have a panic attack that there are only two weeks of school left, which means there are only two weeks until Disney, which means I am never going to be ready for the tri.  Does anyone have a paper bag?

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