A Font of Useless Knowledge

Someone tried to out movie me.

I know!  What were they thinking?

For those not in the know, my sister, brother, and I love movies.  We watch a startling number of them and more than our fair share of television.  My brother is the absolute king of movie trivia.  My sister and I are not far behind.

People don’t like to watch visual media with any of us, because we sit there and say “Hey, isn’t that the guy from (insert low budget movie here)?  Or “Wasn’t she in (insert obscure t.v. show from the late 90’s here)?    I have IMDB bookmarked on my laptop so we can see if we’re right.

Rarely, very rarely, I will be wrong (my entire family just passed out from shock at that admission.  I will give them a moment to come to…).

When I was challenged this weekend, I was a little taken aback.  The DH sat there, backing me up that I have a useless talent for this kind of crap.  There were rumblings at the table that yeah, Sarah might be right.  And then the challenger pulled out his trusty smart phone and went to work proving me right.  I tried to get him to bet something serious, because everyone knows that Jerry O’Connell played the chubby kid in Stand By Me, but he insisted we only bet for pride (sissy).

After a fair amount of smack talk the poor guy had to suffer through me being right.  I have been known, on occasion, to be a bit of a shitty winner.

I can remember stupid crap like a face I saw in a bad movie from my teenage years, but I can’t remember what I had for lunch.  It is the absolute silliest skill to have.  Knowing that the guy from Blue’s Clues did a guest spot as a killer on Homicide will do nothing bolster the Middle East peace process.  But if there was a Nobel Prize for being able to name the voice actors on commercials, I’d have it in the bag.

5 thoughts on “A Font of Useless Knowledge

  1. hey – this one is not hard but I completely missed it…
    DO you know who does the voice in the Pure Michigan commercials?

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