Hit the Bull

The Mighty Mariners had a nail biter this week.  We were playing a little sloppy and were down 20 to 15 in the bottom of the 6th.  In case you are unfamiliar with t ball rules:  you play 6 innings and you are only allowed to score at most 6 runs in one inning.  So we would have to score the maximum allowed by law in order to squeak out a win.

The Moms were all cheering and getting anxious…we aren’t used to being in tight situations. Well, actually, we’re usually too busy socializing to pay much attention to the outcomes.  But there was something in the humidity laden air that night.  We were yelling and coaching from down the third base line.  We were lamenting bad calls and bad plays.  We were on the edges of our collective seats, hoping the boys could find their bats and ignite our rather lackluster offense.

The boys started batting and getting on base.  There was confusion as to how many boys had scored.  Was this one the tying run or the winning run?  We were so far out it was hard to see who was up.  Goodness gracious, the Rookie!  A solid single to move over the runners.  I think O man batted as well, but we were all so nervous the whole inning is something of a blur.  I don’t remember who hit the big RBI.  I don’t remember which boy crossed the plate to give us the win.  But the fans were going crazy in our one patch of shade.

After the game amid the popsicles and juice pouches the entire coaching staff tried to resign (“this is way too much pressure”).  Luckily for us, we knew they were all kidding.

So, I threw this together in honor of a clutch offense:

please forgive my lousy sound editing…

2 thoughts on “Hit the Bull

  1. Lousy what? I think it’s worth an Oscar nomination..Loved it thanks for sharing it back here in Lambertville, NJ.

    Finn’s grandparents

  2. we loved it. Thanks for sharing. You should win an Oscar nomination. We are so proud of our guys.

    Finn’s grandparents.

    Lambertville, NJ

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