Unadulterated Terror

In regards to the 2010 US Women’s Triathlon Series Naperville, IL

Your BIB number is # 568. You will need this in order to pick up your packet at the Expo. Please print this off and bring it with you to packet pick-up.

You have been assigned to wave # 12. This is a Age Group wave. Your division is “F4044″. Please note that for age group athletes your “racing age” is the age you will be on 12/31/2010 (per USA Triathlon rules).

A fairly simple, business like email.  Yet it struck terror into my heart like none I have received before.

I have an official number that will be Sharpied onto my calf and arm and everything.  Holy crap.

There are so many emotions coursing through me right now.  I feel completely athletically unprepared, even though Kristin the Wonder Trainer assures me that I’ll do fine.  I feel emotionally unprepared, since I spent last week carrying a sleeping Rookie through Disney World instead of psyching myself up.  But mostly I just feel every second of my forty years old.  Bleck.

I still need to get all my gear together.  I need an extra pair of goggles, something to eat to keep from passing out during the race, and a towel to put all my stuff on.  I take issue with the fact that there will be women in my age group that are officially 40, but in reality only 39.  While it makes sense to call my age group 4044, I would have preferred something that didn’t sound so old, like age group “Tiffany”.  And last but not least, there is the little matter of my misplaced med alert bracelet.  Perhaps I can just Sharpie that on my arm as well.

GOAL:  Finish

Realistic Goal:  Under 2.5 hours.

Crazy Goal:  Under 2 hours.

Crazy Goal is crazy because I will need at least 30 minutes to do the run.  And that is if I can pull off my personal best time for a mile for the whole three miles…highly unlikely.  I told you I was slow.

They informed me that I can automatically send my time to my FB page should I so desire.  Yeah, sure.  Maybe I’ll wait to see what said time is first.

No turning back now.

I’ll let you know how it goes.

2 thoughts on “Unadulterated Terror

  1. Do not forget to eat and drink, its surprisingly easy to do. Concentrate on having fun and the rest will take care of itself. Good luck (from a bike racer). R

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