So my sister has completely shamed me.  She put up like 4 blog posts while we were on vacation together in FL.  I, ever the slacker, did none.  Here are some bullet points:

  • Hawk’s Cay is really nice… complimentary valet parking.  Just call down and they will bring the car around.  Makes you feel like a rock star.
  • Swimming with dolphins is really fun
  • Dolphins from Chicago do not “talk” with a Grabowski accent
  • I made a slideshow for the Mariners but stupid John Fogerty won’t let me use “Centerfield” so the whole thing is in a holding pattern while I look for new music.
  • I really hate flying
  • I didn’t break a $1,000 rod while fishing in CO.
  • Pina Coladas with caramel in them are quite yummy.  Especially when you are drinking them while sitting on a ledge in the adults only (21 and over) pool.
  • The terrors were furious that I took my laptop to FL.  Somehow they think it belongs to them.

I hope to be back in the groove again soon.  Big weekend coming up:  J is in the All Star game and O man is getting a Sportsmanship award.  Better charge the camera battery!

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