Welcome Mabel!

Isn’t she beautiful?

I know, I know:  another gas guzzler.  Another affront to environmentalists everywhere!

In my defense, I was very anti pickup truck when the DH announced his vehicular intentions.  There are spots downtown where it is illegal to drive them.  We don’t live on a farm.  I don’t usually transport sheet rock or drywall.  So why on Earth did we need one?

Finally, in a moment of clarity (why exactly am I being such a b*tch about this?) I told him that I wouldn’t be mad at him forever if he bought one.  Let the games begin!

After weeks of trying to track down the absolutely perfect Ford F15o with blue paint and tan interior and the towing mirrors and whatnot, he found one while we were visiting the family down in STL.  We picked it up yesterday and each of us took a turn driving it home.

My weakness for kick ass gear strikes again.  Do you know how sexy I look driving a truck?  VERY.

I am thinking of calling her “Mabel”.  You might be thinking that this isn’t a very kick ass name for an obviously K.A. truck.  But then, if you are thinking that, you never met my Grandmother.  She was hard as nails and didn’t take sh*t from anyone.  So Mabel it is.  Sweet.

Now the problem is going to be how do I keep Paul from driving her  to work?

The other problem is that she doesn’t fit in the garage…

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