Project Runway Season 8!

Hold onto your butts, Lifetime has made some announcements about the next season of PR!!

First of all, it will start at the end of July.  This timing seems odd, but I’m not going to complain.  The other thing that is off about the timing is that the show will now run 90 minutes long.

I don’t know about you, but the DH is not doing cartwheels over that little nugget of information.  I am of two minds about it.  If this means that the edit won’t give away the winner, I am all for it.  Especially when their are 16 or so designers and you don’t know who anyone is and don’t really care yet.  If they can spend time investing you in the designers and I don’t mean just the ones in the top and bottom three, it should be awesome.  The problem lies in what do you do to fill that time once you are down to four designers?  Ah…wonder if they thought of that.

Another hopeful side effect of more time for the show would be more time for the challenges.  There is so much more to these designers than what they can crank out in 24 hours, and we never get to see that.  Well, at the finale we do, but for most of the designers that’s too late.  If you really want to make good decisions about the fate of the contestants, it would be nice to see them occasionally in something other than panic mode.  Oh, wait, just found this (spoiler alert!)

The designers will be given five hours to craft a garment using an item from one of their fellow competitors’ luggage.

That, ladies and gentlemen, is the first challenge.  Apparently the producers are just fine with keeping the designers in panic mode.

Lifetime has also announced the first guest judge will be Selma Blair.

As of right now, I don’t see any new cast information.  Here’s hoping that they run an audition show this year.  ‘Cause honestly, if I have to watch the auditions on line again with the constant ringing of the Cotton jingle I might cut my own ears off.

There will be a new member of the Lifetime/Project Runway family soon:  Nina Garcia is spawning, I mean having her second child in December!  What, did she eat the first one?  All kidding aside, it is nice to see someone other than Heidi squeezing out a puppy.

They have also announced a show with Santino and Austin Scarlet, where they accost women on the street and then give them makeovers.  If there were two personalities on the show that would get along less than these two…well, I can’t think of them.  Okay, maybe Wendy Pepper or Irena and anyone, but those two are so far off the obnoxious scale no one would want to watch the show.  I wish they could have found a way to get Chris March in on the act.  But then again, maybe Chris would be a little much.  Though, Austin isn’t exactly your man on the street either.

This must certainly be the death knell for Models of the Runway, though I couldn’t find anything definitive saying it was kaput.

Hopefully Heidi will stop being so vocal.  Hopefully this next group of designers will be uber talented and quite bitchy.  Hopefully the fashions will be breathtaking.  Hopefully more time will translate into more Tim Gunn.  But I have hoped for these things before…

See you on the Runway!

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