Rookie Mistake

I’m in a funk.

Our house needs a ton of work…that piddly maintenance stuff that keeps getting put off until suddenly you have a huge slug of crap that needs to get done.  Seeing as how one of the problems is the lack of a fourth bedroom, we have decided to look at houses.

The primary school district we are in is tiny.  Which means that moving will almost certainly mean putting the boys in a new school.  And boy, are they excited about that idea (can you hear the sarcasm in my voice?).

Seeing as any move would mean turning the boys’ world upside down, I figured, let’s see how much it would cost to move somewhere really different.  So I made the stupid, rookie mistake of seeing what we could get for our budget in Bozeman, MT.

Before my mother hyperventilates, logistics dictate that any proposed move out West must wait a few years.  But the listings on line only made my funk deeper.

In Bozeman, we could get 4,000 or so square feet with at least a couple of acres (by a couple, I’m talking, like, 10).  This would also likely include sweeping mountain views, a garage you could get lost in, and perhaps horse pasture.  My boys would grow up seeing stars at night.  We could go fishing for the weekend, thus liberating me from my dire need for a fishing buddy.  And I would be back in the mountains, where I have lately come to feel I belong.

I should have never looked at those stupid listings…

4 thoughts on “Rookie Mistake

  1. You are right. That was a rookie mistake. And besides, you are not allowed to move to Montana. I forbid it. 😉

  2. oh I don’t know… Montana wouldn’t be so bad. It’s actually about equidistant from San Francisco and Ames. About an 18 hour drive for either.

    • I can see the slideshow now… The Mariners take Montana. If we have 10 acres there would be plenty of room for camping!

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