Happy now Kelly?

I won’t say much about the last two episodes other than to celebrate that the Perv was sent home.

Tim Gunn had a vocabulary issue!  It is an expedition to Mood, not an exposition.  I will let this one slide only because I still occasionally call my friend Kandy, Cindy, for no apparent reason.  We are all human.

Hallelujah!!  I didn’t have to scream in disbelief at my screen!  The judges got it right, no matter what the other contestants think.

The challenge:  create a look to compliment the most AMAZING Philip Treacy hats!  I love hats and these were so…there are no words.  And I am not usually a gusher.

Peach had the best hat and phoned in the most ordinary, you guessed it, pink dress.  Cassanova showed that Dynasty refuses to die.  And Gretchen got all dolled up, remembering at long last that this whole to-do will be televised.  It was in vain, however, as she wasn’t even on the runway for the top or bottom.

The bottom

There were three in the bottom but only two that were ever in any real danger: the diaper and the deconstructed.

So we will start with Christopher, who everyone thought was going to win.

I won’t lie, I liked the jacket.  But I didn’t gush over it the way everyone in the work room did.  The contestants thought he was a lock for winner, and then their jaws hit the floor when they found out he was in the bottom.

The colors were safe, and the leggings/skirt were a mess.  Something more sleek would have worked better with the hat, but I thought this was a solid middle of the pack piece.

A side note about styling.  The judges seem to suddenly spend a lot more time picking on the designers about their accessory choices.  This could be because they have more time to work with, or because the people who own the “wall” this year asked them to talk more about the shoes.  Either way I feel they are cobbling the designers.  In talking to my sister I learned that PiperLime is an extension of the Gap, or some other obviously “non designer” group.  Would you want to accessorize your couture dress with shoes from the Old Navy?  No, me either.  If the judges are going to work the accessories into the final result, you need to have the proper tools to work with.  Where is Blue Fly?

A side note about my side note.  Ever since Nina switched to Marie Claire, the whole show has gotten less edgy.  Now they talk about hanger appeal.  In the beginning being called “wearable” was the kiss of death.  Now it gets you into the top three.  C’mon guys, a lot of these contestants already work in ready to wear!  Let’s get them to open up their bags of crazy and give us something to write about.

The diaper:

Okay, maybe wearability should count for something.  Oh April, really?  I could see where she was trying to go, and really liked the concept.  But you can’t make an ill-fitting pair of shorts that looks like an adult incontinence aid.  Or at least you shouldn’t.  She stayed because for once, the judges agreed with me.  You have to keep around the girl that reached for something and missed, as opposed the one that just did this:


This is a perfect example of a hot mess.  Kristin was going for “love”, to me it read more like teenage back-seat sex.  Black and shiny shows every seaming mistake.  The pink was too hot, the skirt looked like the terrors pinned it together.

Poor thing, she had the most difficult hat to work with.  It was very literal compared to the others.  But she tanked this.  I was hoping she would do a wedding dress.  Not a traditional white lacy thing, but  some kind of garden party wedding dress.  It could have been fantastic.  But I guess you aren’t supposed to make a wedding dress unless they ask for one.

They sent her and her wooly animal balls home.  It was time.  So much for my audition tape predictions.

The top three were Valerie (aka “the Bridesmaid), Michael, and Rerun.

Always a Bridesmade…

This was my least favorite of the top three.  Granted, her point about not wanting to be too costumy with the mask is well taken.  But this is daytime.  Who would wear that hat in the day?  The racer back was unexpected, but certainly a red dress is expected with a black mask, or is that just me?  The Thriller zipper jacket went well with the mask…wasn’t Mr. Jackson a fan?  retching noises


Bravo for not going Asian with this fortune cookie hat!  But I still didn’t really like it.  The top looked like a cardboard craft project.  And I didn’t like the sharp edges of the sleeve/collar against the curves of the hat.  But the back was butter.  Butter!  The skirt was the perfect color, even if I thought is was a little too flowy.


It was obvious that this was Philip Treacy’s favorite.  Rerun nailed the color.  Nailed it.  The design was a lesser Romy piece, but worked with the hat.  When it came out I realized that it was my favorite, despite the fact that it needed less volume in the skirt.  Sometimes things just work.

The contestants were blown away that this lesser designer won.  First of all, get over yourselves.  Especially you, Gretchen, yes you.  Let the boy enjoy his win.  Unless something drastic happens, he won’t be at Bryant park, so let him cry tears of joy.  Soon enough he will be weeping while cleaning up his work space.

Congratulations, Rerun.  Well done.

Sorry I missed the last two episodes.  My lack of determination is further highlighted by the fact that my brother watched/blogged during his honeymoon.  I am a true slacker.  You have to read the one about the holy man…the last line is still cracking me up.

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