Knights of the Gay Round Table

My sister and I talk a lot.  One of the things we like to discuss is who we would invite to our imaginary gay lunch.  If this seems strange, you have never spent much time with either me or my sister.

But seriously, our imaginary gay lunch started with Tim Gunn.  We both adore the man, and I once happened upon an interview with him.  During said interview he mentioned that he sometimes donates lunch with himself to charity auctions.  I would sell one, maybe two, of the children to have lunch with Mr. Gunn.   My sister agrees.  One conversational thing led to another and we had a whole bunch of gay men joining us at our imaginary meal.

So I have decided to share with you my Knights of the Gay Round Table:

Tim Gunn.

Who wouldn’t want to spend time with this adorable man?  It is a rare individual who can offer advice without sounding condescending, show his intelligence without being snarky, and offer encouragement without sounding phoney.  He would be my round table’s King Arthur.

Clinton Kelly.

If you don’t watch What Not to Wear, you should tune in once or twice just to see Mr. Kelly.  He is sweet and kind and has a great fashion sense (if you can forgive the occasional argyle sweater, which I can).  What I love is the way he can find the beauty in anyone.

Neil Patrick Harris.

Granted, he won’t have much time for a sit down lunch after his twins arrive.  Still, no one can rock a glitter tux like he can.  And you have to love anyone that can laugh off their child-star past.  You just have to.

David Bromstad

This fine young gentleman is the host of Color Splash:  Miami.  He has a smile that could solve the energy crisis.    Plus I l have loved every room I have seen him redo.  He must be my friend.

Okay so that’s four… I need, wait, I’m doing the math in my head (it hurts) somewhere between 8 and 11 more.  I’ll get there, and as they become worthy, I will let you know about them.

5 thoughts on “Knights of the Gay Round Table

  1. No, I missed that. But every group needs someone to be the b*tch. (In case you were wondering, in my group, it’s me)

  2. I am unfamiliar with Mr. Bromstad, but I’d be at that lunch in a heartbeat.

    Let me suggest an additional, possibly less on your radar, member: Edward Albee. Yes, he’s a crotchety old man with an ego the size of Texas, but he can also be very sweet and highly entertaining. And he’s the greatest living American playwright, which has to count for something. I’d love to see him and NPH in the same room.

  3. The problem is, that the lunch is supposed to be all about me. I don’t know if someone who can be a crotchety old man would make sure to stay on topic.

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