Mondo 2, Mean Girls 0

What?  Today’s episode hasn’t aired yet.

I love Mondo.  I’m not sure it has anything to do with his point of view as a designer.  Instead I think I like him for the same reason I like RVing.  There is something very cool and endearing about regular things scaled down…like camper refrigerators and dinettes.  I just want to put the little guy in my pocket!

He does also happen to be a pretty good designer.  He won the “haute couture inspired by crappy eyeshadow” challenge followed by the “surprise” “you also have to make a ready to wear look” by choosing bright:

Home run.  The high fashion look was great, but the ready to wear was insanely good.  How do I get one in “normal person” size?  I need to give it to my friends who wear dresses!

Bright suited everything about Mondo’s style.  Not only did he take on color and win, but the whole thing had a cheeky smile about it.  There were issues, and the judges called him on it.  But when you make your own silly hat, there is no way you’re going to lose.

The runners up were Andy and Gretchen.  Which wouldn’t have been a problem if it weren’t for Gretchen’s garments:

my mouth is hanging open, and I am speechless

What exactly is this supposed to be?  Other than butt ugly, of course.  It is the schlumpiest dress I have ever seen.  The only thing that could make it uglier would be feather work.  Oh look, feather work.  eye roll

The ready to wear was just as unflattering.  They had f-me slits up the sides.  Sorry, but ready to wear means that you can slap it on a hanger and sell it to the masses.  I would love to see someone sit down in that dress.  No way.

The judges loved these.  Once again, they were wrong.

Rerun, The Bridesmaid, and Ivy were the bottom.  Michael’s had the train from hell, but the fabric was great.  Of course, it had hip embellishments, and I am not a fan of those.  But I didn’t think he deserved to go home.

The Bridesmaid and Ivy were left last on the runway.  Honestly, I would be happy to see the back of either of these girls.  If I have to listen the the Bridesmaid spew out one more confessional in her Valley Girl speak, I will go crazy.  But if she goes, we have to suffer through another week of Ivy’s ego.  Six of one, half dozen of the other I suppose.

The Bridesmaid


The Miss Outer Space Virgin pageant called, they like your work.  It was the wrong fabric and the whole structured strap thingie was just all wonky.  Her inspiration was supposed to be crystal…I guess the chick that would pay for this might be named Crystal…

Then there was this little nightmare.  See, there are crystals!  Right there, in a sad trail down the front!

It was unbalanced, undesigned, and sad, sad, sad.

Rolling along with the sad parade…

How do you take such a pretty blue and make such a sloppy mess.  She was inspired by waves crashing or some such nonsense.  It looked like the high school cheerleading squad started to t.p. her dress with blue streamers before being scared off by the fashion police.  The construction on the back was lovely, but the rest of it was just limp.

And this was her ready to wear.  Too short, too blue, same neckline, same problems.  Normally she can kick ass with her sewing, but this time everything failed her.

Either one of these two could have gone home and I would have agreed.  But it was Ivy that got the auf.

The real loser was April.  The girl was robbed.

Apparently tonight is the “you stole my dress” episode.  evil laughter

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