…and I don’t like steak


Really?  Design for Heidi’s line for New Balance?  This PR group is the largest group of self-promoting whores I have ever seen!  Why can’t this PR people keep their personal shit out of the show!?!  The best part was everyone dissing on the designs Heidi showed them.  Sportswear is not normally the first thing you think of as fashion forward, but why should the producers care about that?  And really, this is about Heidi asserting her power over the show and the designers.

Mondo showed his eye rolling side when dealing with his client/boss.  Gretchen was less than professional as well.  You might not like Heidi in the workroom, but she’s there, so you’d better deal with it.  And she is a bitch:  she will bring grudges into the judging, she will let her personal feelings effect her opinions on the work.  So you either let the model with the mean smile make, or break you.

Speaking of bitches, thank god Ivy’s back.  cough cough Would it be possible for her to be a little more bitter?  Her speech about karma will bite someone in the ass, she just better worry that it’ll be her.

A whole cast of characters came back from auf’d land to help make a zillion outfits for Heidi’s line.  There were three looks per designer, way too many to show here.  So here’s the bullet list

  • Mondo is so good.  He doesn’t look like someone trying to design clothes, he looks like someone who knows how to design clothes.
  • Gretchen is so full of herself it should almost be illegal.  “I’m surprised I’m in the bottom three.”  Yeah, we’re not.
  • April is married to black.  There needs to be a divorce in the works  or she will be auf’d soon.
  • Heidi is afraid of wearing little shorts?  What hope is there for the rest of us.  (little shorts manufactures around the world throw up a little in their mouths)
  • While Andy’s had a hint of Skeletor to them, they were super cute and I would wear all of them.
  • The Duchess didn’t like Christopher’s tie bottom pants, I really did.  When I saw them I thought “Neat.”  Other than that, I agreed with the judges.
  • Gretchen almost swallowed her tongue when Heidi had the audacity to compare her to Michael.  She also loves to tell the judges that she disagrees with them.  Not too smart, chicka.
  • Rerun’s Thanksgiving color palette didn’t do him any favors.  The poncho jacket would sell big numbers, but everything below the waist was a wasteland.

Oh, and the whole cheating to do was a non issue, a non moment, and such a red herring that it was almost insulting as a viewer.  It was about wardrobe tape.  Wardrobe tape?  Are you kidding me?  Sometimes I really hate this show.



Not to take anything away from Andy, but if Mondo hadn’t won three in a row, I think he would have taken it.


Christopher.  (And the remaining designers all looked like they had been forced to drink sour milk when they saw Rerun come through the door).

I can’t imagine how it feels to be Rerun right now.  He has been attacked on all sides by all people and now he can’t take any happiness from hanging around.  Instead, he has to walk into that workroom with everyone making faces behind his back.  Even though I don’t always think he is a strong designer, he is a crazy strong person to be able to put up with this kind of pressure every day.  My hat’s off to him.  I don’t think I could do it.

Next week they will all be under pressure and the judges won’t like some of their work…blah, blah, blah.  It won’t be hard for them to produce a better episode than this one.

I would like to take a quick moment to comment on last week’s show.  It was one of the best I’ve seen, and I wish nothing but love for Mondo.

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