Well, the damn thing has started.  And if you ask the DH, it is the worst thing that has ever happened to him.

I spend every waking hour typing obsessively into my computer.  I am contstantly thinking about my plot, often walking around daydreaming to the point I run into walls.  I’ll suddenly stop in the middle of a task and race to jot something down before I lose it.  And I am always “just about finished” at the computer.  My family doesn’t know what hit it.

O man and J have toyed with the idea of joining me.  They almost expired when I told them the goal is 50,000 words in 30 days.  We came up with a compromise:  kids have to do a chapter book without illustrations.  O man got off to a roaring start, though they both seem to have stalled.  They keep trying to read mine over my shoulder, no matter how many times I tell them it is a grown up book.

Though I have never finished one of these before, I am hopeful this year.  I really like my story.  I don’t want to say too much about it right now, but I like the heroine, and can’t wait to see where this all takes me.  It is one of the few times I don’t really have an ending in mind, so I have to finish to know how it ends.

If I don’t go crazy or blind before I finish, I’ll try to clean up some excerpts and throw them up for some constructive feedback.  Not promising anything, it’s just right now I am feeling optimistic, and that’s new for me.

My word count is listed on that little blue square on the right.  As of right now, I’m trucking right along.

“Call me Ishmael…”

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