1. How many stars are in the Little Dipper:  6

2. What athlete has appeared on the cover of Sports Illustrated a record 49 times?:  Michael Jordan

3. Name one of the countries connected by the Kyber Pass – bonus point if you can name both: Afghanistan and Pakistan

4. Rob and Amber married after meting and falling in love on this reality show.: Survivor

5. What famous work of fiction begins with the line “We were somewhere around Barstow on the edge of the desert when the drugs began to take hold”:  Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas

6. What is the only animal – other than humans – to have sex for pleasure?: Dolphins


. How many of the United States border the Gulf of Mexico? (Bonus points for each one you can name):  5 – Texas – Mississippi – Alabama – Louisiana & Florida

2. What was the only TV show of the 1970s to have its theme top Billboard’s Hot 100 list?:  Welcome Back Kotter

3. What quarterback has the highest completion percentage in a single game during the regular season -and the second-highest completion percentage in NFL history?:  Kurt Warner

4. What country’s flag consists of a simple green field with no other characteristics?:  Lybia

5. What is the only X-Rated movie to win best picture?:  Midnight Cowboy

6. What was President Harry Truman’s middle name?:  S.


1. James Dewar – a resident of Oak Park – is credited with inventing this beloved snack cake :  Twinkie

2. Marjorie Vincent won this coveted crown in 1991:  Miss America

3. The FLW home and studio is open for public tours daily – except for three. Name two of the three for one point. Name the third for a bonus:   Thanksgiving -Christmas and New Year’s

4. This Oak Park resident was the first African American chemist inducted into the  National Academy of Science:   Percy Julian

5. Johnny Lattner won the 1953 Heisman Trophy while playing for this college footbal team:   Notre Dame

6. This man is credited with turning McDonald’s into one of the most recognized brands in the world. :  Ray Kroc

7. Earnest Hemingway is quoted as saying: “Oak Park is a place of broad lawns and narrow___”   Minds

8. This actress became the oldest guest host in Saturday Night Live’s history:  Betty White

9. Dan Castellaneta may currently be the most well known voice actor from Oak Park – but Dawson Butler voiced over 50 cartoon characters from 1957 to 1978 – including this bear  Thanksgiving Christmas and New Year’s

10. John Lloyd Wright – Frank Lloyd Wright’s ____ – invented the enduring children’s building toy – _____.  Son & Lincoln Logs


1. President Obama’s trip to Indonesia was cut short due to the ash cloud caused by the eruption of this volcano.  Mount Merapi

2. Name the cruise ship to which the U.S. Navy has dropped 70,000 pounds of supplies after losing power due to an engine room fire.   Carnival Splendor

3. Senator Elect Mark Kirk and Alexi Giannoulias met for beers and burgers at this famous Chicago Tavern after the mid-term election  Billy Goat Tavern

4. Indonesian Minister Tifatul Sembiring is in hot water for sharing this with Michelle Obama  A handshake


1. Six U.S. states have some form of Oak as their state tree. Name three of them.  Iowa, Illinois, Connecticut, Maryland, New Jersey and Georgia

2. What was the original name of Beye School?  The Ontario Street School or the Ridgeland School

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