Ham Doggin’

Oh yeah.

When a regular hamburger patty won’t do, or when you simply can’t bear to run out to the grocery for hamburger buns when you’re long on hot dog buns already. For those moments and oh so many more, there is the Ham Dogger.

What?  You are unfamiliar with the Ham Dogger?  How is that possible? It is only the most useful incarnation of molded plastic in the history of petroleum-based products!

That, ladies and gentlemen, is a Ham Dogger.

It takes your ordinary pile of misshapen ground beef, or turkey with roasted red peppers, and magically transforms it into the shape of a hot dog.  This accomplishes several things.  One, it eliminates the need for multiple types of buns, which is always a good thing.  Two, it looks really cool.

Well, it looks really cool once it is already in the bun.  The process is not so pretty.  What is it they say about sausage?

This was our first time out with the Ham Dogger.  It was a hostess gift from a very special, yet absent, guest at my Halloween Party (thanks again, Carrie). It only took this long to try it out because the ground beef needs to be defrosted to do this, and I can never remember to defrost anything.

We stuffed the regular ham dogs with cheese.  Then we made the turkey ones for me and my sister.

Here is what they look like before making it to the grill:



This was when my sister and I began referring to them as the “meat penises”, at which point the DH vowed never to try one.

The DH had some reservations about their structural integrity, as did I.  He came in after the first attempt to turn them announcing that he had lost two of the turkey dogs.  He wasn’t sure he would be able to pull this off without burning the crap out of them. I suggested he move them to the top rack of the grill.  He assured me there was no way in hell he could move them without more catastrophic losses.

After enough time to make sure they were done all the way through, they crossed from the frozen tundra of our deck and into our lives.

Still not as pretty as the ones that J loves so much from 7-Eleven, but formed enough to get them into the buns.

My turkey one was a bit dry, but lovely.  J wolfed down his classic ham dog, and after much encouragement, the DH took a bite as well.

“Tastes like a hamburger” was his verdict, which is pretty much what I was going for so I will declare this culinary experiment a SUCESS.

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