Weather Rebellion

Alright.  I’ve had enough.

First Mother Nature buries us in snow.  Now it will be Arctic temperatures followed by a warm-up that will undoubtably turn the whole neighborhood into a marshy bog.  Good times.

So I am trying to ignore February.  Well, except for the O-man’s birthday…the only bright spot in a very long, dark, wintry tunnel.

My plan?

I found a body lotion that smells of coconuts and limes: just enough coconut to remind you of what suntan lotion smells like, mixed with just enough lime to make you want a mojito. I also pulled the novelty coconut glasses with fake hibiscus stuck to them out of deep storage.  These will be my beverage dispensers of choice until the sun is actually warm again.

Will this work? Probably not. It is doubtful that anything could actually make me forget that I need to shovel, or that I am so pale I might actually be translucent. But it might, just might, make me feel a little bit better.

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