Warrior 101

Only 18 more weeks until the Warrior Dash.  I will admit, I haven’t been training super hard.  But, when you think about it, how exactly do you train for something like this?

We will be running a five hellacious kilometers peppered with obstacles. So, to help myself and my compadres gear up for the big day, I’m going to break down the obstacles and see what the “experts” recommend.

According to the map on the web page, the first obstacle will be a Mossy Maze, where we will need to find our way through the mossy trees. I have doubts that this will be super challenging, but here is what the experts have to say:

Before you enter the maze, know where you will be exiting. Take note of any tall objects such as trees, buildings, or roads, which will produce noise

While you walk through, be sure to carefully note where you are. Remember intersections, turns, and checkpoints in the maze so you do not walk down the same path twice.

  • If you happen to get lost, put one hand on the right side wall and don’t take your hand off of it. If you find you have returned to a particular spot, put your hand on the other wall and repeat the process. You might take awhile, but you’ll find your way out.
  • As with any maze, if consistently take either the right or left hand turns, you will eventually find a way out. Running your finger long the wall of the maze without lifting it will keep you on the right track.

As I said, I highly doubt this will be more than a not super straight path through the trees, but it can’t hurt to be a little over-prepared.

Still working on the costumes.  We are thinking “Warrior Parent” motif, and I am busy with some knitting projects along those lines.

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